Thursday, February 17, 2011

BSD Medical's MicroThermX System Used to Treat Lung Cancer

BSD Medical reported earlier this week that its MicroThermX microwave ablation system was used to treat a patient with lung cancer at the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Rhode Island Hospital.  It is too early to know know the effects of the treatment, but so far only good things have been reported.  The attending oncologist Damian E. Dupuy said that the MicroThermX is the best generator he has used.  Hopefully this gets other oncologists interested to use the microwave ablation system to treat their patients in addition to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.  The MicroThermX system has less adverse effects than chemotherapy and radiation, which will win it patient preference.  Also, the system uses antennas to deliver the microwaves to designated ablation areas.  These antennas are one time use, so the company will continue to have a source of revenue.  The system can also be used to treat various forms of cancers.   

BSDM also got a boost in stock price after 21th Century Oncology Center purchased a hyperthermia therapy system.  The BSD 500 Hyperthermia System has received a pre-market approval from the FDA, a requirement for class III medical devices.  21th Century Oncology operates nearly 100 cancer treatment centers in the USA, provides advanced therapy and radiation therapy options for its patients, and recruits physicians from the most prestigious training centers.  BSD Medical has a growing network of clinical centers that will be involved with continuous clinical studies of their system.     

The soft tissue ablation market is growing and there is a high revenue potential.  Some estimates predict a worldwide market worth $2-3 billion.  With the current ineffectiveness of cancer therapy, clinicians will need to adopt newer ways to treat cancer.  BSD Medical is perhaps the most advanced in developing microwave ablation and hyperthermia systems and will continue to be the leader in the coming years.  Investors should become excited about the latest developments for BSD Medical and expect more good things to come.     

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